Moves to new offices to accommodate continued growth, enhance customer experience

MONTREAL–Expertus Technologies, a Software-as-a-Service based Payments and Cash Management financial technology firm, announces it will join Finance Montréal’s FinTech Station in a new, larger office space of sprawling 12,000 sq. ft. in prestigious Place Ville Marie complex in Montreal, QC. The station has a mission to act as a catalyst for the development of fintech solutions in Quebec and Canada.

Expertus Technologies, which celebrated its 18th year in business in 2019, will leverage its new office space to accommodate continued business growth and provide expanded services for its clients with new internal operational efficiencies. The new offices will provide Expertus employees and partners with improved, state-of-the-art workspace to facilitate internal and external collaboration and communication while providing the company with further room for growth.

“We are extremely excited to be part of the new Montreal fintech ecosystem and moving into our new offices with significantly more space alongside other major players. More than anything, this move represents our continued commitment to serving our customers and organizations of all sizes in their continued business growth in the fintech sector.” said CEO, Jacques Leblanc.

“We’re looking forward to drawing upon our experienced talent base and strategic partnership opportunities to build upon the growing fintech market for modernization of payments and related services,” he added.

Expertus continues to be a major player in the accelerated transformation happening in the payment and cash management space. With its Fintech Station, the primary goal of Finance Montréal is to support the FinTech ecosystem while providing resources that will help its members from the financial industry succeed in their growth with access to several resources that promote development. The Montreal FinTech Station has the valuable support of the Ministère des Finances du Québec, a partner in the development of Québec’s fintech ecosystem.

“Finance Montréal is excited to have Expertus, a recognized established Fintech in Montreal, to be part of Fintech Station where we will leverage this unique opportunity of collaborating, creating and supporting new fintech entrants, building on the strength, momentum and common values of both parties” said Matthieu Cardinal, Finance Montréal’s Vice President, FinTech Development and Corporate Affairs.

Expertus is a Montreal-based Fintech founded in 2001 and a leading provider of payment and cash management solutions. Pioneer in Cloud solutions in the banking industry, Expertus provides services to corporates, financial institutions, fund managers and market infrastructures.

Expertus distinctiveness comes from the unique combination of its business model, its expertise in the payment industry and a rich and innovative product portfolio. More than 1000 entities and 50 financial institutions worldwide process an average of 25 billion dollars daily through our infrastructures.

Created in 2010, Finance Montréal, Quebec’s financial cluster, has a mission to make Montréal a world-class financial hub and foster cooperation among its member institutions to accelerate the industry’s growth. The organization engages in international business development activities to attract foreign financial companies to Montréal by promoting various tax incentives, including the IFC tax credit. It also administers the Montréal FinTech Station, a development centre for businesses in the financial technology sector.

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