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Servitization to Supplant Ownership?

By Brendan Read Traditional ownership of assets and financing for notably automotive, office equipment, healthcare and agricultural products may soon become obsolete, tossed into the recycling bin. In its place will be product-as-a-service, or pay-per-use assets, also known as servitization. Servitization is an alloy of changing customer preferences to an …

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Referees of the Digital Age

By Angela Armstrong Fairness isn’t easy. It posits that fairness requires, in some form, a “referee”. So, I started wondering about fairness, and referees, in the digital age. Humans are fallible. But data (at least until it gets interpreted by someone) is arguably neutral. You’ve probably heard of Cambridge Analytica. …

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Keeping the goodwill going

By Steve Leer Happy customers make for happy equipment leasing executives. Often that business bliss begins with the frontline customer service representatives who answer lessee phone calls and e-mail messages. Reps just like the seven Toronto, Ont. area women who work for JDR Solutions, Inc. The seven—Lesley Evans, Debbie Forbes, …

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The Future with CUSMA

By Brendan Read The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), also known as the USMCA will, when, (but increasingly looking like ‘if’) ratified, provide a renewed foundation for trade between all three countries. CUSMA is to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). CUSMA was signed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, …

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Are you financing robots? You Will Be. And should Be.

By Brendan Read Robots are taking over the world. Just ask Alexa, or any other virtual assistant. Or when you get into your car: a fair amount of it has been built by their assembly-line “cousins”. According to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) (, part of the Association for Advancing …

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Understanding and Executing eSignatures Efficiently

by Aaron Seaton The execution of legal and administrative documents within lending and asset-based finance is a common task, which can be especially voluminous in equipment finance transactions. These documents are important, but they often lead to massive back-and-forth activities between lenders, obligors and guarantors. One of the big reasons …

Canadian Equipment Finance Fall 2019 Issue

CFLA CMO: Uneven growth ahead

CFLA REPORT By Robin Somerville With so many potential crisis events threatening global trade and security, most economists are even more gloomy than usual about the future. Canada’s economy has not been spared and is expected to grow slower than last year despite continued high population growth, a low unemployment …

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Peter Brereton of Tecsys Inc. Named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Quebec, Technology

Peter Brereton of Tecsys Inc. Named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Quebec for Technology MONTREAL, QC—Ernst & Young LLP has named Tecsys Inc. President and CEO Peter Brereton an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Quebec Award winner in the Technology category. Entrepreneur Of The Year® recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate …

BlockchainPaymentsPayments Business May-June 2019

Why blockchain for payments?

By Wally Vogel You have probably heard all the blockchain hype and are wondering when or if it will actually play a role in your day-to-day business. Blockchain has often been described as a solution looking for a problem. As a result, you may have seen guides to help decide …

HospitalityPaymentsPayments Business May-June 2019

Serving modernized payment solutions

By Patrick Diab The hospitality industry is undergoing significant changes as consumer tastes evolve, and savvy competitors enter the market with creative and digital ways to serve customers. Statistics from 2018 estimate that accommodation and food services generate over $110 billion in revenue per year for the Canadian economy1. Recent …