Merchant Mastery is a free resource retailers can turn to for guidance and advice

EDMONTON, AB–The eCommerce industry is booming right now, and many retailers are looking for guidance on how to refocus their strategies online. Merchant Mastery — a Facebook group open to online retailers and brick and mortar stores who are launching an online store — is a safe space for retailers to ask questions and receive guidance from top eCommerce experts around the globe.

July 23, 2019 – We brought together over 100 of Edmonton’s eCommerce leaders and had a special guest presenter fly in from Shopify headquarters in Ottawa.

This was back when we were able to host in-person meetups. We have now taking these online.

The group was launched, and is administered by, Social Lite; an Edmonton-based Shopify Partner agency. Members include online retailers, Shopify experts, third-party app providers, and eCommerce sales and marketing professionals.

“Our team loves getting out to different cities, meeting Shopify merchants, and helping them grow and scale their businesses,” says Social Lite’s Founder and CEO, Scott Cunningham. “This is obviously not an option at the moment, so we need to adapt online and be there for merchants through these uncertain times.”

“Retailers have an urgent situation right now, and we are seeing a lot of optimistic trends in eCommerce, so we need to help people get online as fast as possible and start selling,” continues Cunningham. “That is why we launched Merchant Mastery. We want to build a sense of community and help each other excel.”

Besides hosting their own global livestream education to provide current updates and strategies to help eCommerce businesses excel through these times, Cunningham has been asked to present a webinar with Shopify and is teaching an online course on eCommerce through the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension this spring.

The agency has now pivoted to offer an easy-to-get-started program that enables brick and mortar stores to get set up on Shopify, with a fully functioning store, in eight hours.

About Social Lite
Social Lite is a Shopify Partner agency and Edmonton’s leading eCommerce sales and marketing agency with clients all over the world.

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