VICTORIA, BC–Vecima Networks Inc’s Telematics Division has been awarded a contract with the City of Saskatoon for its fleet management solution. Using Vecima’s state-of-the-art Nero Global Tracking telematics solution, the City will be able to monitor, manage, and make informed decisions for their fleet of over 1,000 powered and unpowered vehicles and assets.

“The City selected Vecima’s Nero Global Tracking software solution for its adaptability and extensibility to meet the requirements across our diverse municipal fleet, now and in the future,” said Goran Saric, Director of Roadways, Fleet and Support. “Vecima’s solution includes data intelligence and robust reporting needed to improve the City’s efficiencies and asset utilization, and their excellent customer support assists the City’s strategic and transformational initiatives to stay on schedule and on budget.”

Vecima’s turnkey telematics solution is a technology-agnostic platform that can scale and extend to adopt new technologies in hardware, wireless carrier, third party integrations or in other areas as required. It helps businesses and municipalities increase visibility into their fleet management operations and asset utilization.

“Our software solution is comprised of a flexible architecture that enables us to rapidly respond and deliver solutions tailored to meet the City’s requirements as they evolve,” said Lindsay Ryerson, Vice-President and General Manager of Vecima’s Telematics business. “We are confident that this partnership will optimize city operations, streamline processes and procedures, and provide enhanced employee safety.”

“I’m proud of the great work our Telematics team has been doing and am delighted to further develop our relationship with the City of Saskatoon, where Vecima was founded and has based the largest part of our operations for over three decades,” added Sumit Kumar, President and CEO of Vecima Networks. “That we can bring our world-leading technology to our home city and drive enhanced efficiency and safety into their fleet operations is very rewarding.”

About Vecima Networks
Vecima Networks Inc. is a global leader focused on developing integrated hardware and scalable software solutions for broadband access, content delivery, and telematics. We enable the world’s leading innovators to advance, connect, entertain, and analyze. We build technologies that transform content delivery and storage, enable high-capacity broadband network access, and streamline data analytics.

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