New branding reflects firm’s renewed corporate vision as a leading non-bank financial services provider

TORONTO, ON–CMI Financial Group (CMI), Canada’s premier private mortgage lender has completed an extensive rebranding of its business groups to better reflect its unique value proposition as a leading provider of turnkey mortgage lending and investment solutions. At the centre of this rebrand is a change in the name and corporate logo of its four sister brands.

“As we celebrate 15 years of excellence in the mortgage industry, this is a major milestone for the company. We are extremely proud of our brokerage roots, but our business has evolved significantly since our founding,” said Bryan Jaskolka, Chief Operating Officer, CMI. “Our rebranding is in response to the company’s remarkable growth and the adoption of a renewed corporate vision that better reflects our leadership position in the Canadian private lending and mortgage investment marketplace.”

Founded in 2005 as a family-owned mortgage brokerage, CMI reinvented itself – growing from one small business to a group of companies – and cemented its status as the market leader in private mortgage lending, which has become an increasingly important segment of the Canadian mortgage finance industry.

Today, the firm is comprised of four sister brands that work collectively to originate, underwrite, service, and fund mortgages, ensuring a seamless mortgage lending and investment experience. Each brand has now been renamed to better reflect the respective business purpose of each group and its value proposition to the broader CMI brand.

“We are driven by a desire to revolutionize access to private funds for consumers, investors, and the mortgage brokerage community alike,” said Jaskolka. “Our mission is to continue shaping the private mortgage lending market by delivering innovative products and exceptional service.”

As outlined in the table below, the following are the current and new names for each of the respective brands that comprise CMI Financial Group:

Previous Brand Name

New Brand Name

Canadian Mortgages Inc. (CMI)

CMI Canadian Mortgages Inc.

CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation (CMI MIC)


Canadian Lending Inc. (CLI)

CMI Mortgage Investments

Canadian Servicing Inc. (CSI)

CMI Mortgage Services

CMI | Canadian Mortgages Inc.
CMI Canadian Mortgages Inc. is a leader in the private lending market with an industry reputation for transparency, professionalism, ethical lending and exceptional service. Fuelled by innovation, CMI Canadian Mortgages Inc. provides mortgage brokers with access to non-bank private mortgage funds. With access to over $1 billion in funds, it is one of the country’s fastest-growing alternative lending firms.

CMI | MIC Funds
CMI MIC Funds, a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), provides investors with the opportunity to participate in well-diversified, professionally managed residential mortgage investment portfolios. The MIC invests primarily in first and second residential mortgages in strong, stable urban real estate markets across Ontario and the rest of Canada. Offerings include three distinct funds, with target yields tied to specific risk and return profiles: CMI MIC Balanced Mortgage Fund (MIC I), CMI MIC High Yield Opportunity Fund (MIC II) and CMI MIC Prime Mortgage Fund (MIC III).

Offerings are available to investors in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec, and globally (excluding the United States), with a minimum investment of only $5,000. Funds are RRSP, RRIF, RESP, LIRA, and TFSA eligible.

CMI | Mortgage Investments
CMI Mortgage Investments helps investors achieve competitive returns, by sourcing, underwriting, and offering fixed income mortgage investment opportunities that are backed by collateral security. CMI Mortgage Investments aims to deliver risk-adjusted returns to investors with yields ranging from 6-16%. Having successfully funded in excess of $500 million in private mortgages across Canada since inception, CMI Mortgage Investments is one of the country’s fastest-growing alternative lending firms.

CMI | Mortgage Services
CMI Mortgage Services is a mortgage administrator licensed under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). It provides comprehensive services for CMI Mortgage Investments and CMI MIC Funds, managing and servicing mortgages on investors’ behalf to help facilitate their ability to invest with CMI in a truly passive manner, making for a simple and stress-free mortgage investing experience.

About CMI Financial Group (CMI)
Founded in 2005 as a family-owned mortgage brokerage, CMI Financial Group (CMI) has grown to become a multi-faceted award-winning leader in the Canadian non-bank financial services market. Comprised of four sister brands – CMI Canadian Mortgages Inc., CMI Mortgage Investments, CMI MIC Funds and CMI Mortgage Servicing – it is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada and was named to Maclean’s prestigious Growth List (formerly the Growth 500 list) in both 2019 and 2020. A premier private lender with more than $500 million in mortgage fundings, CMI is also one of Canada’s largest private mortgage investment providers with over $225 million in assets under management.

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